Australian mobile gaming on the rise

Posted on March 6, 2014 by Admin 1 Comment

According to Juniper Research tablets and smartphones will become the top gamers “hardware” and leading device for in-app purchases in future. In 2012 year there were 21 billion of game apps downloaded by mobile users. And Juniper expects this number to triple up to $64.1 billion downloads in 2017. Emu Casino has already introduced its mobile gaming software into the marketplace and current players seem to be using the software more and more.

Experts believe that tablet owners are eager and sophisticated gamers, and download two times more games than average smartphone owners. By 2016 tablet users will make the 86% of all in-app purchases.

According to Microsoft today mobile and tablet make up only 10 billion from the whole 65 billion revenue in gaming industry. But everything can change and very quickly. According to App Annie report on mobile gaming, the tablet and smartphone gaming revenue is already three times bigger than handhelds and continues to rise.

Emu Casino - Mobile gaming apps

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  • Tarra says:

    I love playing games on my mobile, I have recently started playing the Emu Casino games on my Samsung and have fallen in love!! Its really easy.

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