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Below we have listed all of the different types of blackjack games that are available to play at Emu Casino. They are ordered alphabetically with both the minimum and maximum chip size for each game stated, multiple chips can be used in any game.

Australian blackjack games

When you play Blackjack, you’re playing a game that is purely between you and the dealer and although you may well see other people on the table (if you’re playing a multi-hand blackjack game), they’ll all be playing and placing bets between themselves and the Blackjack dealer just like yourself.

Blackjack is a simple game to play and one that you can pick up easily within just a few minutes of starting off. However when it comes to understanding the rules in detail, it’s worth studying further as you’ll be at a serious advantage and in a much stronger position for winning big!

Blackjack History

Online Blackjack is sometimes regarded as one of the easiest and most enjoyable online games to get into. The history of Blackjack is not

100% clear however it is believed, that it originates from France around the 1700’s, although some state it goes back way further than that, with variations of the game played as far back as Roman times.

Whatever its origins, Blackjack has evolved throughout the years and has now grown into what is a worldwide phenomenon, especially with the increasing popularity of online gambling and internet blackjack, playing blackjack is now easier than ever.

Blackjack Online

The rules of Blackjack are simple; with the aim of the game to either get 21 or closer to 21 then than the dealer. The player has the option to be dealt as many cards as they choose, this is called a ‘hit’ for each card. The player can then ‘stand’ at any time and if the player is closer to 21 then the dealer they win double the amount that was betted. If the first two cards that are dealt equal 21, for instance an Ace and a King,

the player receives back an additional 50% as a win. This hand is called ‘Blackjack’.

Free Online blackjack

Plan your blackjack strategy with our practice casino mode, this will allow you to play free online blackjack before putting any real money down! With Emu Casino, there’s no need to download – simply click on the variation of your choice and start playing for free.

Join in the fun today at Emu Casino and play the very best online Blackjack games the Internet has to offer. With no risk or download required with our casino getting started with Emu Casino, is quick, simple and safe!