Emu Casino Online vs land Casino

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Offline vs. Online Gambling

Back in the day there was only one way to gamble, and that was by going to your local casino. That kept things simple but it was inconvenient for players, especially if you lived far away from the nearest casino. Nowadays there is a new options like Emu Casino.

How do Internet Casinos Work?

Internet gambling can be performed at thousands of different Internet casinos. Internet casinos are simply websites that offer online gambling. To actually gamble online, you have to visit a casino website, download their software, make an account, and make a deposit.

From there you can choose from hundreds of different casino games to play, and once you are done playing you can withdraw by check or wire transfer. If you would like to learn more about how the money actually changes hands, read about depositing and withdrawing.

Emu Casino - online gambling

Advantages of Internet Casinos

Now we will review some of the advantages of playing at an online casino:


The biggest advantages of Emu Casino is obviously the convenience. Instead of getting dressed, driving to a casino, parking your car, walking through crowds, and dealing with a smoky casino, you simply have to log onto your computer and fire up the software.

I have friends who even play in their pajamas in bed!


Let’s face it – gambling isn’t viewed in the best light. Online casinos respect your privacy at all costs, and will never give your information to anyone. This allows you to gamble privately, and not take the chance of running into someone at the casino that you don’t want to see.


I know I mentioned it before in the convenience section, but traveling to a live casino is extremely inconvenient so I wanted to address it specifically here.

Think about having to fill up your tank, make hotel reservations, pack your bags, load up the car, drive to the casino, get lost on the way, pay for parking, unload your bags, eat greasy casino food every meal, then repeat the whole process when you want to come home.


  • Goosetuf says:

    my Wife and I prefer playing at real casino’s, but we have signed up with EMU CASINO and have enjoyed the online casino experience so far.

  • Rudi says:

    speaking for myself we enjoy playing on the EMU CASINO, but when at a casino hotel we will always pop down to the tables for a bit of entertainment.

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