Online Scratch Cards

Australian Scratchies

Emu  Casino Scratch Cards are perhaps the simplest form of gambling available and are one of the most recent game types to make its move on to the web. Scratch Cards, sometimes known as instant win games or more commonly known as Scratchies in Australia are a simple pleasure that is enjoyed by millions of people all around the world every day.

At Emu Casino our Scratchies operate in the same way as normal scratch cards that are sold by your state or territory operator at your local newsagent.

Players must first buy their cards; then scratch the playing area to reveal a prize underneath.

It is that simple – if you match three symbols then you win! Depending on the symbols you reveal will depend on the prize you win.

Free scratch cards

As with all our other games, Emu Casino strongly believes in a try before you buy philosophy and as such we give you the opportunity to test any Scratchies for free in our practice mode.

Scratch card games

At Emu Casino you can find a whole range of exciting Scratchies and as like the real Scratchies you will find your favorite to play with.

The different types range from the classic where you have to reveal three matching symbols, like the game Game Set and Match. More adventurous Scratch Cards include games like Bunny Boiler and Six Shooter Looter where you are faced with an increased level of interactivity through finding bonuses and completing various fun tasks. Irrespective of the game you choose, all Scratchies at Emu Casino offer great graphics, which will enhance your gaming experience. Try your luck at one of the Casino Scratch Cards games today!